The government will not compromise on a two-state solution despite Turkey’s stance on the Cyprus problem, government officials said on Sunday during memorial services held for those who died in 1963-64 and the 1974 Turkish invasion.

Efforts continue at a political, diplomatic and interparliamentary level to exert pressure on Turkey on behalf of the international community to resume the talks with the aim to achieve a fair solution to the Cyprus problem based on the UN resolutions, House President Annita Demetriou said on Sunday morning at the Panayia Trachona church in Strovolos.

Such a solution will allow Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians, Latinx and all the legal residents of the island to live in solidarity, Demetriou added.

“The reunification of our country, the return to our occupied land, the peaceful coexistence without foreign military units and anachronistic guarantee systems remain our vision and our daily struggle,” she said, adding that the republic will continue to support the work of the committee on missing persons in Cyprus (CMP)

Her statements echoed Interior Minister Nicos Nouris who spoke at another memorial service in Kyperounta later in the day.

Calling for unity, the minister said Cyprus is going through a “particularly difficult period” as challenges and stalemates intensify but the government has a “clear political will” for the resumption of peace talks.

Turkey methodically demands the division of Cyprus with the creation of two states and proceeds to illegal activities in our exclusive economic zone and in the fenced off town of Varosha, Nouris said.

“The President of the Republic of Cyprus declares our determination, readiness and clear political will to resume talks with the aim of achieving…a state of peace, prosperity and security for all, regardless of its residents,” which will reunite the island, freeing it from occupying forces and dependence on third countries, Nouris said.

Defence Minister Charalambos Petrides who also made statements during the memorial service said that 47 years later, we owe it to those who died to resolve the Cyprus problem and achieve the reunification of the island.

“The period we are going through is very crucial,” with Turkey trying to promote the final division of the island, Petrides said.

However, Cyprus, through cooperation, bilateral and trilateral agreements, “contributes together with neighbouring countries to the creation of a network of security, peace, stability and cooperation,” The defence minister added.