Stricter measures come into effect on Monday morning in an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19 following a decision last week by the cabinet.

The age limit for the use of mask is reduced to six years of age while children aged 6-11 will have to present Safe Pass.

From December 13 all citizens will be eligible for self-tests.

From Monday all school Christmas celebrations are suspended while Christmas celebrations organised by other bodies will have to obtain specific permission from the ministry of health.

The validity of Safe Pass will be checked through the CovScan application for citizens aged 14 and over.

At areas considered high risk for the virus’ transmission and at which virus clusters have been detected, rapid tests will be carried out through the mobile units of the ministry of health, regardless of age and vaccination history.

All those aged 18 and over who have not completed their vaccination regime by December 1 will require a PCR with a 72-hour validity or a Rapid Test with a 48-hour validity for Safe Pass purposes.

From December 15 indoor and outdoor stadiums, theatres, amphitheatres, cinemas, showrooms and nightclubs as well as dance clubs and restaurants will be open to people aged 12 and over that have at least the first dose of the vaccine.

Another measure calls for the abolition of the Safe Pass for all those who have not had the booster shot after seven months have elapsed from the completion of their vaccination regime.

From December 13, all citizens will be able to carry out self-tests. Those who are not vaccinated will bear the cost while in the case of vaccinated citizens, the Ministry of Health will subsidize the cost and personal doctors will have to prescribe the self-Tests. It is clarified that the self-tests do not replace Rapid Tests or PCR and in the event of a positive result, it will have to be confirmed via a PCR test.
All measures will be valid until December 31.