The first snow fell on the highest mountains of Troodos on Wednesday morning, ushering in the winter season.

Temperatures experienced a sharp drop on the first day of December, reaching around 17 to 19C inland and around 20 to 22C in coastal areas.

In the highest mountains the temperature was 3C, Kitasweather reported.

Despite the drop, the director of the meteorological department Kleanthis Nicolaides told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) the winter months this year will be relatively mild with temperatures ranging slightly above the average for the winter season.

This will mirror last year’s winter temperatures, he said.

The light snowfall in Troodos will not last, according to the meteorologist, but there was the possibility of light snowfall or sleet during the day.

He added that the cumulative rainfall will not reach average levels either, ranging from 60 to 70 per cent of the average for the season.

Rainfall in October and November was disappointing for the region, he added, as it was only 44 per cent the usual levels last month.

This would pose a problem for the island, Nicolaides explained, citing the combination of relatively high temperatures in the next three months with the relatively low cumulative rainfall in a dry place like Cyprus.

Climate is changing to a warmer and drier climate in the Easter Mediterranean, the meteorologist said, which is worrying.

Asked about the weather over Christmas, Nicolaides said it is too soon to forecast temperatures now.