The UK Minister for Europe, Wendy Morton, has reiterated that on the Cyprus settlement issue the UK “continues to advocate a solution in line with UN parameters, based on the model of a bi-zonal, bi-communal Federation with political equality.”

She was responding to two letters sent by the National Federation of Cypriots President Christos Karaolis to the Foreign Secretary (15/10) and the UK Prime Minister (15/10), asking them to play a “constructive” role in the efforts to bring about the reunification of the divided island.

Morton added in her response that this settlement model is “internationally accepted and one that we believe to be broad enough to address the concerns of both sides.”

She assured Karaolis of the UK’s continuing support of the UN process to reach a Cyprus settlement and calls for all sides to avoid any actions or rhetoric that could undermine the prospects of a settlement.

She also made special reference to the issue of Varosha, stating that the UK continues to support all relevant Security Council resolutions.

“The complex issues you highlight underline the importance of reaching a comprehensive Cyprus Settlement with urgency,” concludes the UK Minister for Europe in her response to the Federation President.