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Best ways to display art prints at home

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For many of us, long gone are the days of our college dorm rooms being covered in posters that are thumbtacked to the walls. It’s understandable, as adults, to feel like that’s not how we want to live as we get older but do remember, there’s a difference between getting older and being boring. 

Just because we might not want prints up the way we once had them, doesn’t mean we should completely disregard displaying some of the art that we love the most. Unsure how to do this in a way that you’ll love while still feeling like your home has a mature look to it? Keep reading for some great ideas on how to do so.

A gallery wall

Just because you are looking for a mature look, doesn’t mean that you can only have one print on a wall. Going with a gallery wall might be a little bit of work, the challenge of putting it together is part of the fun. You can head to thrift stores to find some old frames that you won’t feel bad about throwing some new paint on. 

Try to grab various sizes to give a good built-over-time appearance that might just come naturally depending on what the frame search looks like for you. A gallery wall is a great way to combine various aspects of what you love, from your favorite art prints to classic family photos. What better way to show off all of what makes you, you? 

On shelving

Many of us have shelf space in our kitchen where we might keep bowls or kitchenware we love to display. If you have the room, consider adding a print on the shelf that leans up against the wall. It’s a great way to add pop without taking up too much space.

Incorporate lighting

You’ll have a few options here and each is sure to take your prints to the next level. There’s the classic option of a single large print as the only art on the wall with a low light either shining on it from either above or below. This is sure to class up any room and bring attention to any piece that you love. 

Another, maybe more fun, option would be to take some of your favorite pieces and display them like what you’d see walking into a movie theater. This will work with any kind of print and you’ll have plenty of options when looking for a backlit LED snap frame to help you capture the exact aesthetic you are going for. 

The rule of three

If you are loving the idea of having a few pieces together but the idea of a gallery wall sounds like too much for you, keep thirds in mind. Typically, having an odd number of prints up is going to be more appealing to the eye. This will be the case if the prints are either all the same size or asymmetrical. Keep thirds in mind for whatever you are displaying and incorporating into your home’s decor. 


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