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Second water refill station for Limassol


A second water refill station has been installed on the seafront path of Ayios Tychonas in Limassol to promote the use of reusable water bottles and reduce the use of plastic.

The station was installed as part of environmental non-profit organisation Let’s Make Cyprus Green (LMCG) sustained initiative which aims to persuade all of us to reduce our dependence on throwaway plastic bottles.

In an age where over one million plastic bottles are used every minute all around the globe, the Mediterranean Sea already holds up to 10 million plastic particles every square kilometre.

Each year, an additional 229,000 tonnes of waste plastic leak into the Med, the equivalent of over 500 shipping containers a day, chairwoman of LMCG Eleni Kazelas said at the water station’s launch earlier this month.

The station behind Four Seasons hotel dispenses free, filtered and chilled drinking water. A touch-free sensor on the side activates the water flow so you can fill up your own bottle.

“With Refill Cyprus, we’re negating the damage caused by plastic bottles because we’re not sanctioning the use of them at all. Instead, we’re encouraging people to make a habit of bringing a reusable bottle whenever they go out and refilling it when needed – which is an effective way to stop depending so heavily on plastic, and helps to prevent waste entirely – without any need for landfills or recycling,” Kazelas added.

Aside from protecting the environment and helping to save wildlife from the potentially serious injuries or death caused by our plastic waste, Kazelas highlighted that drinking filtered tap water protects our health.

Dangerous chemicals can leach from plastic bottles into the water you consume from these plastic bottles, she explained. In addition, people will save money by not purchasing bottled water over and over again.

The Refill Cyprus campaign therefore tackles multiple issues: environmental protection, human health, animal welfare and even climate change – because manufacturing plastic bottles produces carbon emissions.

The water station contains three water filters; a carbon block, a UV and a sediment filter that will be replaced as needed.

“Please do help us tackle plastic pollution by using your reusable bottles and spreading the word about this water station,” Kazelas said and called on everyone to “reduce, reuse, and refill”.

A similar water station is already installed on Yermasoyia seafront.

Other municipalities that have signed up to join Refill Cyprus are Ipsonas, Aglandjia and Paralimni – and more are coming soon.

Among the sponsors for the installation of the water refill station are Brandenburg Marine, BDO, Karma Water Filters, Makdonas cleaning company and Andy’s Motors.


LMCG are actively looking for additional sponsors to help fund more water stations. Reusable bottles can be found on the Eco Shop of the Let’s Make Cyprus Green website.






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