The road transport department announced on Monday that vehicle registration licences can be renewed starting on January 7 and ending March 11, 2022.

Licences can be renewed for a period of three, six, nine and 12 months.

Anyone applying for renewal after March 11 will be charged 10 euros plus 10 per cent penalty on the cost of the registration.

Motorists must provide an MOT for their vehicle and valid insurance.

The department advises everyone to take care of the renewal of the registration of their vehicle in time, in order to avoid a possible overload of the system that can cause inconvenience in the days leading up to the deadline.

Those who had renewed the registration of their vehicle for the year 2021, but do not intend to renew it for the year 2022 should submit a notice for immobilisation of the vehicle.

The immobilisation can also be done online at

If the vehicle is not withdrawn, the registration fee must be paid.

Vehicles that were not renewed for the year 2021 and have not been declared immobilised will be deleted from the register if the due amount for the year 2021 is not paid by March 11.

In case a vehicle has already been scrapped, an application for cancellation of the registration must be submitted to the department (form 98A) accompanied by the ‘Certificate of Scrappage’ issued by licensed facility.

The licences can be renewed, online, at banks, at consumer service centres (KEP), at post offices and at the road transport offices.

No notices will be sent to vehicle owners to renew their licences.