Around 130 Turkish Cypriots will be interviewed on Tuesday for jobs in the Republic under a recent deal between the main trade unions on both sides to help ease labour shortages, especially in the hospitality sector.

The agreement was reached between the Sek and the Turk-Sen unions.

The interviews will be conducted at the bicommunal Home for Cooperation inside the buffer zone near the Ledra Palace.

According to reports from the north, the president of Turk-Sen, Aslan Bicakli stated that the interviews will be for employment in the tourism sector.

The relevant information, he said, has been sent to the interested parties by text message.

He also clarified that those who attend the interviews should have with them their RoC identity card or passport and a valid SafePass (AdPass) plus a negative 72-hour rapid test.

Bicakli said recently that under the agreement, all applications from jobseekers sent to Turk-Sen would be forwarded to Sek.

Because of the difficulties caused in the north by the collapse of the Turkish lira, he said that many union members have been asking the union to negotiate a deal for them to be able to work in the Republic.

He said the deal would give around 8,000 Turkish Cypriot workers the chance to enter sectors like tourism, hospitality and construction in the south of the island, which is facing a severe labour shortage.

Turk-Sen is a registered union in the Republic and has long collaborated with Sek on various issues.

The two unions had multiple meetings with the labour minister to evaluate what needs must be covered.

At the moment, around 2,000 Turkish Cypriots work in the government-controlled areas and even though similar arrangements were made in the past, this is the first time efforts have been this well organised.

While Turkish Cypriots have always been able to work in government-controlled areas, numbers had dwindled since the 2013 economic crisis and resulted in inconsistencies.

The government has responded positively to the move, saying that it can help cover labour shortages in the hospitality sector and beyond.

Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, nine Turkish Cypriot unions will go on strike over the economic situation brought about due to the Turkish lira crisis.

Included in the strike action will be the unions of teachers, professors, civil servants and municipal employees.

A joint announcement said: “We will be on the streets to protect our purchasing power, a fair tax system, a currency that will protect the purchasing power, and the return of what was stolen from our society and our children’s future.”

The unions said ‘the government’ did not take timely measures to protect salaries and pensions against the fall of the lira.