TUS Airways has decided to expand and increase the number of flights from Paphos to Athens, the transport ministry said on Tuesday welcoming this move as an important development for residents and tourism.

The ministry said that the air carrier, that included the Paphos to Athens route in its flight programme from December 10, has informed Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos that it has decided to double its weekly flights from two to four until March 2022. The airline was to initially offer flights until January 9.

“The positive response from passengers and, consequently, the viability of the flights, led the company to the decision to continue the route after January 9, 2022, increasing the number of flights to four per week until March 2022,” the ministry said.

The air carrier has also expressed its intention of continuing the flights from Paphos to Athens after March and expanding to eight per week if demand continues to be at satisfactory levels.

“The direct flight from Paphos to Athens was a request of the local community of Paphos, which proved that this flight can be sustainable,” Karousos said.

The minister also said that keeping Paphos in TUS Airways’ flight programme and doubling the number of flights to Athens was “a particularly important development for the residents of the Paphos and Limassol districts but also Cyprus in general, since it will have multiple benefits for air connectivity, tourism, but also the economy in general.”

Karousos expressed hope that this support to the route in question will continue until March to achieve its expansion on a 12-month basis.

He said he was in constant contact with the company, with the aim of exploring the possibility of further expansion of its flight programme in Cyprus and especially of the flights from Paphos.