Limassol accounted for the bulk of violations on Monday as police booked 27 individuals and six business managers for breaking health protocols after carrying out 3,017 checks in the 24 hours ending at 6am.

The highest fine handed out was €3,000 and involved a business which failed to check whether customers had a SafePass, police spokesman Christos Andreou told Alpha TV. Twenty individuals and five businesses caught flouting the rules were in Limassol.

Referring to checks over the holiday weekend, Andreou added that in some hospitality venues, managers had allowed customers to dance, while employees had been found not to have a SafePass.

“Checks continued normally throughout the three day-weekend (Friday to Sunday),” Andreou said. There were a total 8,653 checks regarding pandemic measures, with a total of 51 individuals reported, the majority for not wearing a mask, and 21 business premises booked, he said.

As regards the past 24 hours, 1,206 checks were carried out in Nicosia with no violations reported. In Limassol, 387 checks resulted in 20 individuals and five business managers being booked.

In Larnaca, there were 477 checks with two individuals booked while in Paphos, after 126 checks, one individual and one business manager were booked.

There were 434 checks in the Famagusta district resulting in four individuals being booked while in the Morphou area there were 175 checks with no violations reported.

Moreover, traffic police carried out 205 checks and the marine police seven, with no violations reported in either case.