A statue of General Georgios Grivas ‘Dighenis’ was found vandalised with pink paint on Wednesday near his former Limassol hideout.

According to the police, the statue of the military leader of the four-year guerrilla struggle against the British colonial government and for union with Greece was vandalised at some point between Sunday and Tuesday.

The statue has already been cleaned as a ceremony is due to take place on Thursday, to mark 48 years since Grivas’ death.

An Eoka veterans’ association decried the incident, saying that those who defaced the statue are unaware of the fact that Grivas help secure the Republic.

The incident in Ayios Nicolaos area in Limassol, where the fenced-off memorial stands, is nearly identical to a similar vandalism which took place in 2019, when red and pink paint was once again drenched over the statue.