New data suggest that the Omicron variant is dominant among new infections, the ministry of health has said.

Infection sequencing data from January 1 showed that out of 192 samples 165 (86 per cent) were cases with Omicron.

Of 133 samples taken from January 9 to January 16, 126 were infections with the Omicron variant which corresponds to 94.7 per cent.

The ministry highlighted that none of the 126 Omicron cases detected required hospitalisation.

Furthermore, of the 59 samples submitted by the public hospitals for the period of January 1 to 17, 39 samples were infected with Omicron and seven with the Delta variant, while the remaining 13 were not adequately identified.

The ministry said sequencing carried out in previous weeks had revealed 435 total cases in Cyprus infected with the Omicron variant.