Three out of four Cypriots who used the internet for private purposes in 2021 managed access to their personal data online – marginally above the EU27 average of 73 per cent.

But only 33 per cent (EU 39 per cent) read privacy policy statements before providing personal data.

The percentage of those who checked that the website where they provided their personal data was secure was an even lower 14 per cent, compared to the EU27 average of 36 per cent.

The figures were published by Eurostat to mark International Data Protection Day which is celebrated on January 28.

The share of people who managed access to any personal data over the internet in 2021 varied across the EU Member States.

The highest shares were observed in the Netherlands and Finland (both 91 per cent), followed by Portugal (89 per cent).

In contrast, the lowest shares were recorded in Romania (56 per cent), Poland (59 per cent) and Slovenia (61 per cent).

Cyprus’ figure was 75 per cent.

The survey also looked at how use of personal data was managed.

Six out of ten internet users in Cyprus (61 per cent) refused to allow the use of personal data for advertising. The EU27 average for this category was 53 per cent.

And 51 per cent (EU 48 per cent) restricted or refused access to their geographical location. A similar number –50 per cent (EU 40 per cent) limited access to their profile or content on social networking sites or shared online storage.