The collapse on Tuesday of a traditional two-story mud-brick house in Aradippou in which six people lived prompted the municipality to announce a raft of measures.

The fire services said that the 90-year-old house collapsed at about 1:40am but that all six people managed to escape without injuries.

The collapse also damaged a neighbouring residence.

Aradippou municipality met later on Tuesday and announced that it would revaluate the condition of old houses within its remit and order anyone living in dangerous residences to leave them immediately.

It further stated that it has designated 11 houses considered dangerous and at risk, two of which will be demolished. Procedures to do so will begin from Wednesday and the other nine will be handled in the following days, the municipality said.

Aradippou mayor Evangelos Evangelides said that checks are carried out each year and owners are informed of the works which are required.

Unfortunately, he said, the necessary works are not carried out and as such the municipality has been forced to take immediate and serious actions.

He said the issues stemming from old mud-brick houses are faced by many municipalities and called on the relevant ministries to address the situation.