The journalists’ union (ESK) has demanded that investigations of sexual harassment in media spaces be prompt and thorough.

In a statement, the PSC called for a speedy investigation into the sexual harassment case involving a “complaint by a young journalist against her boss, also a journalist at Sigma TV” and that anyone involved “receives severe and exemplary punishment”.

ESK has called on the station’s management and colleagues, “to facilitate the work of the police, so that plenty of light is shed on this case”.

In its statement the union called on law enforcement to do its utmost.

The union’s board also called on all journalists who have suffered similar harassment or are aware of similar incidents, to find the courage to testify and report them to the competent authorities.

The sexual harassment case emerged on Saturday, when the television station issued an announcement saying they have suspended a male journalist following a police sexual harassment complaint filed against him.

The complaint was filed last month by another journalist who used to work with him at the station in 2020. The woman had also complained over the man’s behaviour to Sigma TV management.

Although the man had submitted his resignation then, he was later rehired by the television station, the statement said.

Police later confirmed the report saying investigations have started and the suspect will be called in for questioning.