The Cyprus Medical Association on Wednesday condemned the actions of a Gesy doctor, who will be prosecuted for requesting payments for services he did not provide.

“We were truly disappointed to hear about this case,” the association said in a statement.

If the allegations are proven to be true, the association said it “can only condemn [the doctor’s actions] as they insult other doctors who perform their work by the book”.

A written statement by the attorney-general’s office explained that police were called to investigate the doctor in question, who is registered to national health scheme Gesy, following several complaints to Gesy operator Health Insurance Organisation.

Patients reported that the health professional had logged services to their accounts which they had not received.

“From the investigations that followed, it became obvious that payments were requested for a series of health services, which were logged on the system without being provided to patients,” the statement confirmed.

The available evidence suggests the doctor is facing being charged with corruption, money laundering, falsification of documents, and fraud and embezzlement through false pretences, the legal service said.

The medical association said it will be monitoring the case, and proceed with disciplinary measures if the doctor is charged.

A scathing report last week by the auditor-general alleged a slew of illegalities within Cyprus’ health care system, while identifying 11 Gesy doctors who each earned over €500,000 in 2020 – with one topping the charts at a whopping €870,742.