The health ministry announced that four people had died of Covid-19 and that 2,485 had tested positive from 115,325 PCR and rapid tests, a positivity rate of 2.15 per cent.

The deaths concerned two men aged 91 and 61 and two women aged 90 and 74. Two of the patients died on Wednesday. The total deaths in two years stands at 780.

There are 184 people in hospitals of whom 43 are in serious condition. Of these, 8 are intubated.

The ministry said that the percentage of unvaccinated patients was 66 per cent.

Of the 115,325 tests carried out, 5,420 were PCR which turned up 316 positives with a positivity rate of 5.83 per cent.

There were 109,905 rapid tests, detecting 2,169 positives with a positivity rate of 1.97 per cent.

A total of 169 positives turned up through contact tracing

In primary schools there were 21,037 tests turning up 115 positives or 0.55 per cent positivity rate.

Secondary schools saw 11,738 tests detecting 95 positives, with a positivity rate of 0.81 per cent.

Test-to-Stay had 6,273 samples taken, coming up with 73 positives.

Out of 936 tests in nursing homes, 18 positives were found, a positivity rate of 1.92 per cent.

In closed structures: 1,678 tests were done finding six positives.

The bulk of positives were found through the ministry’s free testing programme and testing on private initiative.

Although the daily bulletin used to provide numbers as to how many people were found positive at the airports through PCR tests, this figure is no longer listed separately, just a total for PCR based on ‘tracking’ or ‘private initiative’.