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Far-UV 222: our only proven weapon against superbugs

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G.Z. Icarus, 222 Ltd is introducing a lamp that uses FAR UV (222nm) technology to disinfect public places and high traffic public areas effectively.

Using technology patented by Columbia University and a lamp produced by Ushio, G.Z. Icarus 222, with supplier UV MEDICO, aims to actively distribute specific products that can easily be placed in such areas, becoming part of the daily functions required for the safety and security of all.

Far UV222’s wavelengths rapidly inactivate common airborne and surface pathogens such as bacteria, mold, mites, spores, fungi, and even antibiotic-resistant superbacteria, like MRSA. Far UV222 is also a proven weapon against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Representing the partnership of UV Medico® with Ushio®, based on patented Care222® technology, the UV222 lamp harnesses this game-changing technology to offer a highly-effective solution for surface and air disinfection.

The UV222 can be used in all spaces, is 100 per cent safe to use in the presence of people and animals, and fully complies with the EU directive on the minimum health and safety requirements, as well as to the international standards of exposure to artificial optical UV radiation.

The technology behind UV222 has been developed and engineered in cooperation with Denmark’s largest universities and hospitals as an effective disinfection method with immediate proven results, and can only be installed by authorised installers.

UV Medico® devices have already started offering high protection to hospitals, schools and to public areas across Denmark. In the span of one month, via its diverse network of distributors and associates, UV Medico® has succeeded in installing the technology across 60 countries.

G.Z. Icarus 222 Ltd, is a Cyprus-based company set up in 2020 by a group of industry professionals who aim to bring Far UV222 technology to the forefront. G.Z. Icarus is the authorised distributor of Far UV222 for Cyprus and for Greece, as well as the industry manufacturer for UK film studios through UV Medico® distributors in Denmark.


Learn more about this groundbreaking technology at the following links:

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