Authorities said Thursday that as a precaution they were taking heightened security measures around embassies and other buildings in Nicosia due to the crisis in Ukraine.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou said the measures are being taken in Nicosia but also elsewhere.

These include, but are not limited to, increased police patrolling outside embassies.

Andreou said they have no intelligence about a specific danger, and that the beefed-up security is precautionary.

Instructions have also been given to port authorities and to airport security to maintain a higher state of vigilance.

“We are assessing the situation on an ongoing basis,” he added.

Meanwhile in the afternoon some 100 Ukrainian nationals demonstrated outside the Russian Federation’s consulate in Limassol.


Protest by Ukrainian residents in Limassol (CNA)

The demonstrators gathered outside the consulate building at around 4.30pm, shouting slogans calling for an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and singing folk Ukrainian songs.

Honking cars flying the Ukraine flag passed by, with some drivers displaying the ‘victory’ sign with their fingers.

Police kept a discreet watch over the demo.

The Cyprus News Agency reported that the Russian consulate offices had closed around noon, in anticipation of the protest.

Earlier in the day, a group of Ukrainians had gathered outside the Russian embassy in Nicosia.