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Hellenic Bank: Takes the lead in environmental and community initiatives

hellenic bank

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Hellenic Bank emphasises on sustainable practices and supporting ‘green’ initiatives and businesses.

Cognisant of its responsibility to the environment and the community, Hellenic Bank has placed the safeguarding of these at the centre of its strategy. By adopting sustainable practices, financing ‘green’ businesses, and participating in a series of related initiatives, the bank leaves a positive mark on society.
The immediate response and support to the community, and the economy, during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis; the ‘Partnership for Life’ with the Karaiskakio Foundation for a “world without leukemia;” the participation in the Priceless Planet Coalition to contain climate change; the robust engagement in volunteerism by its staff, and the digitisation of the bank’s services, providing outstanding services to the public – are just some of the actions taken by the Group.
Convinced that growth goes hand in hand with a prosperous society, Hellenic Bank has developed a comprehensive CSR programme that is based on the following pillars: environment, society, people, and markets.

Hellenic Bank is a member of the Priceless Planet Coalition, an environmental initiative under the auspices of Mastercard. Taking part in the initiative are leading banks from around the globe. The network coordinates the environmental actions of consumers, financial institutions, merchants, and cities, in a bid to amplify outcomes and the positive impact of their actions. Among other things, the initiative is committed to planting 100 million trees around the planet over the next five years. In the context of this collaboration, Hellenic Bank issued eco-friendly cards made of materials listed on Mastercard’s directory of sustainable materials. Hellenic Bank’s new cards require 82 per cent less PVC, translating into savings of more than 20km of plastic per year.
The bank has received the ISO 50001 certification for energy management systems and the internationally recognised standard ISO50001:2018, aiming to incorporate this energy management system to all its buildings and bank branches. Additionally, for more than 20 years Hellenic Bank has been supporting Eco-Schools, while its lending policy contributes to the growth of businesses with a positive environmental and social impact. At the same time, the bank encourages customers to choose e-statements and save on paper usage, and participates in dozen reforestations across the country, supporting the Department of Forests.

Hellenic Bank supports the work of the Karaiskakio Foundation and takes part in the ‘Partnership for Life’ – a business and social network supporting the objectives, community outreach, but also the vision of the Foundation in its fight against leukemia. Since children, and their future, comprise a key component of Hellenic Bank’s CSR strategy, the bank supports the modern diagnostic and research centre for children’s cancer at the Karaiskakio. Hellenic Bank has taken several steps in this regard, such as sponsoring the awards ceremony for transplant donors over the past two years, sponsoring the ‘Month of Leukemia’ (September), and organising sample-taking from staff members to support the Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Our latest action is supporting the creation of “Bone Marrow Donor Registration Booths” positioned in strategic locations throughout Cyprus, giving the opportunity to everyone, aged 18-45, to give a saliva sample and register as a Donor.
Moreover, Hellenic Bank’s team of volunteers undertakes a series of actions aimed at supporting vulnerable groups and charitable foundations. Members of staff participate in frequent blood drives, reforestation activities as part of the ‘Let’s Do It! Cyprus’ initiative and compete in corporate marathons raising funds for charity. The Hellenic Bank also offered extensive support to citizens affected by the catastrophic fires that destroyed mountainous areas of Limassol and Larnaca in July 2021.
Additionally, and in collaboration with the environment commissioner, Hellenic Bank supports the programme for planting climbing plants on school railings.

Supporting organisations with high-value work
Beyond the actions and programmes deployed by Hellenic Bank itself, the institution lends its support to organisations that carry out high-value work, such as Hope for Children, Sofia Foundation for Children, Elpida Foundation, Movember, PASYKAF (Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends), Europa Donna, UNICEF, Karaiskakio Foundation, Telethon, Red Cross, various food banks, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Miniature Horse Therapy ‘Majestic’, the Fairy Tale Museum in Nicosia among others.

Hellenic Bank offers employment and career opportunities to over 3,000 people. The bank has upgraded its review/assessment system in a bid to help staff constantly improve, recognise their contribution, and guide them in embracing the corporate values, which are inextricably linked to desirable behaviours such as respect. As part of its training programme, the bank introduced the HB Skill Development Lab and Credit Academy, focusing on enhancing skills and improving customer experience. In 2021, more than 600 training programmes took place, while the feedBank App was launched for the exchange of views between colleagues and departments.

Markets – supporting the economy and society
As part of its client-centred strategy, Hellenic Bank finances the growth of the economy by supporting viable businesses and households. The bank offers lending support to major renewable energy projects, while applying social and environmental risk assessment criteria to the new financing approval process. The enhanced profitability and strong capital position prove that Hellenic Bank has a sustainable business model, which protects its depositors and creates value for its shareholders.

All digital, all easy
Hellenic Bank’s digital transformation has made banking transactions easier and faster than before. Thanks to the upgraded Hellenic Bank Mobile App, day-to-day transactions with a smartphone are as simple as sending a message. Contact Pay allows users to send or receive money to and from persons listed in their contact list on their smart phones.
Customers can also obtain a debit card by simply calling the Customer Contact Centre at 8000 9999 – without having to visit their branch – and the card’s PIN is sent directly to their mobile phone via SMS. Additionally, customers can register on the bank’s digital channels available on the website, and also book an appointment with a bank representative, with a choice of either meeting them in person or digitally interfacing using Microsoft Teams at
Customers are also able to make contact-less transactions using their smartphone, through Apple Pay and Hellenic Bank Wallet, with a Visa or Mastercard. Furthermore, clients can deposit multiple cheques at ATMs, or use the free cheque collection service. They can also visit Hellenic’s Connect Corners where the bank’s ‘meeters and greeters’ are on hand to assist with any of the digital service channels.

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