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Tickmill Europe – The global multi-asset broker with over 250 employees worldwide

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‘Our job at Tickmill is to remain in sync with what the traders out there want and continue providing the access they need as they continue to transition their trading portfolios to include more green and sustainable strategies’

Please introduce yourself, and your organisation.
“My name is Valerijus Ovsianikas and I am CEO of Tickmill Europe. I am responsible for Tickmill’s largest operation which is based in Limassol, Cyprus. Tickmill is a global multi-asset broker with over 250 employees worldwide that was founded in 2014. We have offices in Cyprus, London, Estonia, South Africa, and many smaller regional representative offices globally. We take great pride in our adherence to some of the world’s strictest regulatory frameworks such as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority so our clients can feel safe, knowing they are trading with a trusted and regulated broker.”

valerijus ovsianikas

What products and services do you provide that cater to the needs of the most sophisticated retail and institutional clients around the world?
“We specialise in offering financial brokerage services to sophisticated retail clients while also offering some institutional grade liquidity solutions to other financial services companies. Clients come to us when they want to trade forex, crypto currencies, stocks, commodities, exchange-traded futures and options, and more with exceptionally low trading costs. On top of that, we also offer very detailed market analysis and opinion by a group of talented analysts across multiple regions, so our clients always remain informed about what’s happening in the global markets. All this offered through industry leading trading platforms like MT4, MT5, CQG and more.”

The trade finance market is enabling companies to develop their sustainability strategies with green and sustainable solutions. Let us talk about Tickmill’s efforts in positioning sustainability at the core of its strategies.
“To be sustainable, you need a certain measure of stability to keep going. Uncertainty is something that can disrupt that stability and it only continues to grow as time goes on. More uncertainty leads to more risk. This then needs to be managed, which is where companies like Tickmill can help by offering the tools needed to help manage that risk. For example, Tickmill recently added real exchange traded futures and options from exchanges like the CME group to its offering. We are one of the first European companies to do so and make these securities more affordable than ever before so smaller investors and companies can benefit from their utility to manage risk better across a wide selection of assets like commodities. Our job at Tickmill is to remain in sync with what the traders out there want and continue providing the access they need as they continue to transition their trading portfolios to include more green and sustainable strategies.”

A sustainable world needs sustainable finance. The financial sector is key to building and promoting a stronger, fairer, and more sustainable future. What activities fall within the scope of Sustainable Finance?
“Sustainability implies longevity. At Tickmill, we want traders to have a long and successful journey with us. Education, information, transparency, and reasonable costs enable users to get the most out of their trading activities. I think this approach can be extended to the wider financial sector where every company should strive to build long-term successful relationships with their clients. First and foremost, we need to help build up the financial literacy in our societies. Financial matters are not always easy to understand, and we should all do our part to help educate people. Once a certain level of understanding has been achieved, it is then key to make sure the right kind of information is made available in a transparent way to users so they can make informed decisions that are in their best interest. This leads to longevity, which in turn leads to more sustainable finance.”

Organisations are facing increased pressures to be sustainable and responsible. What actions, in your opinion, do financial companies need to implement as part of their CSR?
“As a financial services firm, we believe education and financial literacy are the areas where we should be contributing to the most. If you look at education systems around the world today, we believe that there is much more that can be done to help young adults better understand the financial world around them. Tickmill employs a large group of analysts that provide extensive analysis for free while also supporting various schools across the world with IT equipment to facilitate access to this information. We also recently concluded something called the Quant Challenge in cooperation with academic institutions in Cyprus where data science students were able to submit machine learning algorithms to help predict and solve a financial trading problem we had set out. This is another way we try to bridge the gap and expand awareness about trading and finance. Finally, we also believe in giving back to our immediate communities that we are a part of. Tickmill would be nothing without its people and this is the case for all companies.”

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