Three additional deaths from Covid were reported on Friday that relate to deaths from 2021, the ministry of health said.

They were found as government scientists reviewed the data, meaning the total number of deaths due to Covid since the start of the pandemic now stands at 864, rather than the 861 announced on Thursday night.

The three deaths refer to three women, one aged 60 who died on April 13, one aged 87 who died on April 15 and a second aged 60 who died on December 2.

Of the total deaths seen so far, 532 were men and 332 women.

At the same time, the ministry also announced a change in the total number of cases after preparing the national report and reevaluating all data given.

As a result, the total number of cases until February 28 is 321,419 and not the 322,516 reported earlier.

This means that as of Thursday the total number of cases has reached 327,560.