Nicosia District court has fined a third division footballer for offences committed under the law combating the manipulation of sporting events for betting on matches in which he participated.

The case was filed in court after the attorney-general requested an investigation in response to allegations by the president of a third division team.

The Pancyprian Footballers Association issued a warning to its members regarding noncompliance with the law following the conviction.

According to the statement, aside from manipulation and bribery with the intention of altering results is it also an offence for footballers to bet on a match in which they are playing or to bet on a match in the league in which their teams participate in.

The penalties for such offences entail three years in jail and or a €75,000 fine and apply not only to footballers but to individuals holding administrative positions in the Cyprus Football Association and other sporting federations as well.

Furthermore, in relation to the footballer’s conviction the players association PASP said that the offender was lucky because he bet on his team to win, not to lose.

“For that reason and because of the court’s conviction of his genuine ignorance of the law he was handed a lenient sentence.”

PASP reminded its members that “such activities are forbidden” and called on them to “be mindful of the law.”