Storm Philippos may have departed, but Cypriots will have to endure the cold snap for a while yet until spring weather can be enjoyed.

Temperatures will be noticeably colder than the seasonal average over the weekend, according to director of the state meteorological services Kleanthis Nicolaides.

Saturday will be particularly chilly while Sunday won’t be much better, he said.

While we’d typically expect it to be at around 20-21C inland, on Saturday Cyprus can expect it to be at ten degrees inland, 12C along the coasts and one degree in the mountains.

From Sunday onwards however, temperatures will rise slightly though well below the seasonal average, with cloudy skies.

The week after is also shaping up to be chilly, with rain and snow.

Troodos square currently has about 44cm of snow, which has not typically been recorded in March since before the ‘70s or even ‘60s and has become much rarer in the past two decades, Nicolaides told local TV station Alpha.