State health services organisation (Okypy) assured on Monday that it will investigate the death of a 43-year-old mother of six who died at the Larnaca general hospital’s ICU last week while rubbishing claims suggesting there were delays in her admission.

The woman was transferred to the accidents and emergency department of the state hospital on Friday with hypertension, media reported. After her registration, she lost consciousness and doctors were unable to revive her.

The family, who have not filed an official complaint, have accused the hospital of delaying to admit the woman, saying they were asked to present a SafePass before entry, while it was her husband who tried to perform CPR after she fainted.

In a written statement, Okypy said that according to the doctors on duty, the woman was admitted immediately and registered at 6.45pm since there was no other patients in the waiting room when she arrived.

They added that she immediately lost consciousness and “there was an immediate response from the medical and nursing staff.”

She was examined by a cardiologist, Okypy said, and received intubation and CPR, however despite the “superhuman” efforts of the staff, the woman did not recover.

“The incident will be investigated,” the statement added, expressing their condolences to the family.

The health organisation reminded that a SafePass is not required and not requested to visit the Accident and Emergency Departments before receiving a medical examination.

“Patients who report they are Covid-19 positive or have symptoms similar to Covid-19 infection are examined at a different site.

“Other patients receive a medical examination and if it is determined that they require admission, then a rapid test is performed,” Okypy added.