The face mask mandate in outdoor spaces is expected to be lifted this week as discussions are underway for further relaxations of coronavirus measures, Cyprus News Agency reported Wednesday.

Rapid testing is also expected to be reduced, the news agency reported citing information.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas said relaxations were likely to be decided during his meeting with the scientific advisors on Wednesday.

Prevailing among the suggestions is also the abolition of the SafePass in certain areas such as shopping centres and large stores.

However, a source from the health ministry told CNA this will be implemented at a later stage.

Regarding the implementation of the test-to-stay measure, rapid tests may be carried out once a week instead of twice a week as is currently the preferred case, while children under three years attending childcare centres are expected to be included in the measure.

The test to stay policy will also be extended to include activities outside of school, meaning that students who are close contacts will be able to get tested to participate in after-school activities.

There was also a suggestion to release Covid positive people from self-isolation at seven days, without the need to present a negative rapid test.

The same sources estimated mandatory teleworking, currently at 25 per cent, will also be lifted, while an increase in the maximum number of guests at restaurants, bars and clubs as well as churches and events such as baptisms could possibly be decided.

Any coming relaxations will be approved by cabinet on Thursday.