‘Where there is a plane tree, there is water’ goes a well-known proverb…

At Platanistasa, a Pitsilia region village, OPAP Cyprus and SPPMEDIA Group joined forces in a recent tree-planting event to protect and revitalise the area’s forests, as part of the ‘ANADA-SOZO’, (replanting) corporate social responsibility programme.

In continuing the successful collaboration which they began in 2010, members of both organisations arrived early on Wednesday, April 6, at the beautiful community of Platanistasa, and planted trees in areas officially designated for such use, under the supervision of the Forestry Department.

The enthusiasm and energy of participants was matched by warm, local hospitality, as the time-honoured tradition of Pitsilia dictates.

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The event was the 13th tree-planting initiative successfully carried out by OPAP Cyprus and SPPMEDIA, within the framework of the ‘ANADA-ZOZO’ programme. Similar undertakings have also taken place at Aronas, Latsia, Kapedes, the suburbs of Engomi and Anthoupolis, Geri, Solea (for two consecutive years), Agia Varvara and Alona.

Other than providing a substantial contribution to the state’s goal of revitalising Cyprus’ wooded areas, the ‘ANADA-SOZO’ programme raises eco-awareness among the two organisations’ members, while expressing OPAP Cyprus and SPPMEDIA’s prioritisation of the environment. Ultimately, every tree planted offers hope for the island’s habitat and clean air for its dwellers.