The Cyprus broadcasting authority on Friday reminded the media to abide by relevant regulations as to not offend the sensitivity of viewers following public complaints over the broadcasting of dead bodies from the war in Ukraine without the appropriate warning.

The complaints also concerned reporting on the suspected murder of a nine-year-old child murder case in Greece, widely covered by local Greek language media.

In a circular to all licensed broadcasting organisations, the broadcasting authority, citing the relevant regulation, said that transmission of any scenes of visual or verbal content which are unsuitable for minors or likely to offend the sensibilities of viewers must be brief and accompanied with a visual or audible warning.

“Special provision is made for reports on violence against children, women or the elderly which are likely to cause fear, so that they are prepared in a sensitive manner,” the regulation reads.

It is clarified the authority respects the right of journalists to judge and decide how to handle news, with the aim of providing the public with direct, objective, and accurate information.

At the same time, the circular, which is signed by the director of the authority, Neophytos Epaminondas, stressed the importance and the obligation to apply, where necessary, the above regulations.

“The authority expects all organisations to fully comply with the Law and Regulations and to implement the recommendations contained in this circular,” it said.

If any potential violations of the legislation are identified, the authority said it will proceed to investigate cases and, depending on the outcome, impose relevant sanctions.