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Strategic talent management to address the Great Resignation

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By Kiki Kallis

The Great Resignation phenomenon is one of the biggest employment challenges of our time. Thousands of workers around the world have left their jobs in pursuit of something better or different in the employment sector. A trend that started in the US in early 2021, with a record number of Americans quitting their jobs, is now making its appearance in Europe. According to a recent research, 40 per cent of employed young Europeans plan to leave their current job in the next year, and 33 per cent say that even though they like their job, they’d leave it if a better one came along.

Examining the causes and dynamics that generate and feed this phenomenon, it is clear that it is linked to a sense of dissatisfaction many employees feel from their work. One that derives from discontent with their working conditions, the opportunities for development they are being offered and the managerial approach of their organisations. Thus, it is evident that managers and HR professionals are finding themselves before a quagmire that requires them to not only juggle with the transitions and challenges caused by the pandemic, but also address the changing and complex realities of the workforce and the shifting needs in employee management.

Managers and HR professionals thus need to develop strategic and comprehensive responses that take into account present trends and realities in the labour market and the needs and wants of employees, to ensure that their organisation is taking the necessary steps to avoid facing such a challenge. This entails well-designed personnel management processes and interventions that, among others, should emphasize to employees that they are valued and appreciated. Furthermore, organizations should reimagine the talent pool (both internal and external), hire for the right attitudes and invest in employee development to build the necessary skills to drive organizational growth and performance.

These needs and the shifting realities of management and the labour market have brought talent management to prominence. While it was initially connected to the recruitment process in the HR field, Talent Management has become a wide-spread management practice encompassing many human resource management areas such as organisational capability, performance management and development and succession planning.

Additionally, we are observing an expansive number of digital tools and mediums becoming available and should be incorporated in the HR and management workings of organisations to create innovative, results-oriented processes for their talent and organisational development teams.

Consequently, it is of pivotal importance that professionals in managerial positions or holding positions in Human Resources invest in elevating their conception and practical skills in the field and attain the capacity to effectively address the diverse needs and challenges of their position. They must attain the ability to identify and differentiate between high potential employees and employees with high performance and be able to develop and implement policies and actions to engage, motivate, and retain their employees, helping them achieve their development goals.

Aspects and parameters of Strategic Talent Management that are to be covered by the Executive Training program CARDET is offering on the field. The training, which will take place on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of May at Classic Hotel, is fully subsidized by the HRDAand will offer HR Professionals and managers comprehensive information, guidance and practical advice on the main principles of Talent Management.

Participants will benefit from a consultative approach that will address their individual needs and will be aided and guided to incorporate modern and effective practices to improve their employee engagement processes and help elevate their organisation’s capacity to attract and retain talented and productive people.


For more information about the HRDA Integrated Strategic Talent Management for high-performing Organisations training program please click here or contact CARDET via email at [email protected]

Kiki Kallis is HR Manager & Trainer at CARDET

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