There is sufficient supply of high-quality Cypriot lamb at very low prices, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Tuesday during a visit to supermarkets ahead of Easter.

“There is certainly no question of supply … consumers have nothing to fear,” he assured.

The government had given sheep farmers €5 million in financial assistance to absorb a surge in the price of animal feed, averting the 70 per cent hike from being passed on in the supply chain, he said.

“The supply is ample. Cypriot lamb sells at very low prices, and this is what led the government to support the sheep farmers,” he told reporters.

Kadis also pointed to a slight rise in the consumption of local lamb due to its relatively lower price compared to Greek lamb, of which imports are down this year.

He attributed lower imports to more expensive prices, due also to costlier transportation.

“Therefore, all these factors contribute to higher prices for imported products. Cypriot products in no circumstances lack in anything. Their high quality is attested by the island wide inspections we carry out,” the minister said.

Concerted quality inspections are being carried out since April 16 and will continue throughout the month.

Kadis added that the situation with fresh fruit and vegetables sold at greengrocers was similar with no issues of quality or supply.

Concluding, Kadis said that “I would advise Cypriot consumers to be careful in what they purchase, to buy produce from approved points of sale and to not worry as there are high quality products available for the Easter table.”