The game and fauna fund has warned hunters that from March 1 until August 15 all hunting is prohibited, appealing to their own self-interest concerning a prospective bountiful season.

The period constitutes the breeding season for most Cypriot wildlife and the official announcement on Wednesday reiterated that killing, capturing, harassment or pursuit of any type of wildlife during this time is punishable with up a fine of up to €8,000.

The fund enticed the hunters with the prospect of a bountiful season should the wildlife be undisturbed during the breeding period: “A successful breeding period foresees a very good hunting year.”

The game fund said that due to the importance of this time for the wildlife, the severity of the fines for violations – as set out by EU directives and national law – are particularly harsh.

During this time all areas are considered restricted hunting zones and as such, further fines of up to €1,000 can be imposed – depending on the type of species killed or otherwise harmed, the number of animals disturbed and the time at which the harm took place.