Police have urged the public to be especially careful in relation to suspicious messages circulating that allow hackers to steal users’ passwords on social media.

In recent days, the police’s cybercrime unit received several complaints regarding suspicious password interception messages on social media, especially on Instagram, according to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

According to the statement, various users have received a message from an acquaintance on Instagram, who urges them to invest in various cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc.).

“These messages are malicious and are intended for financial gain as well as to gain access to the recipient’s own account. With this method, experts gain access to various user accounts, which they then use to trick other unsuspecting users,” police said.

Police urge the public to be especially careful in such messages and not to reveal their passwords or other codes to anyone. Police have also recommended that users activate the two-factor security settings on all electronic accounts.

In case of receiving a suspicious message or request, the police has urged the public to communicate via a different method with the person from whom they have received the message to confirm the request is genuine.

In the event that users have shared sensitive information, police recommend that social media users immediately change their account password, the announcement concludes.