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If Russia sanctions don’t achieve aims they won’t be adopted says Anastasiades

ΠτΔ – Εγκαίνια «Πτέρυγας Απόδημου

President Nicos Anastasiades on Saturday said if any sanctions and measures suggested by the EU are not conducive to the bloc achieving its objectives, then they will simply not be adopted.

Anastasiades’ comments came after he inaugurated a new wing at the Eoka veterans’ rehabilitation centre in Palodhia, Limassol.

“Some concerns have already been raised by the Cypriot government regarding the sixth sanctions package,” the president said, noting that any measures need to be targeted in order to have the desired effects.

“The impact on member states should be taken into account by European partners so that instead of being sanctions against the invader, they do not end up being sanctions against the member states themselves,” the president added.

However, Anastasiades reiterated that Cyprus is in favour of EU unity in implementing the necessary measures when international law is violated, noting that Cyprus cannot be excluded from this endeavour.

Asked whether or not there was a case for not participating in the new sanctions package, the president stated that there is no precedent to such a thing happening.

“What exists is that if and when some of the proposed measures that we have identified and documented have shown that they do not help, and are not in line with the goal pursued by the EU, then simply those specific measures will not be adopted,” the president said.

Regarding Cyprus possibly pursuing Nato membership, Anastasiades said that it is too early for such a thing, citing the presence of major stumbling blocks.

“Even if it were the wish of the Cypriot government, there would be a collision against procedural matters, especially Turkey’s objection,” Anastasiades said, explaining that unanimity is required for Nato membership.

“Apart from that, we are a small country, we need protection of course, and the issue is to make that protection effective and for any decisions to be approved by the people,” he concluded.

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