Petros Chrysochos has been named the top tennis player in Cyprus for the year 2021 at the Best Athlete annual award ceremony organised by the Cyprus Tennis Federation (CTF) on Tuesday at Lemon Park in Nicosia.

Chrysochos, 26, was the highest-ranked player from Cyprus and at the same time contributed decisively to the success of the Davis Cup team in qualifying for the European Zone playoffs and being promoted to the second division.

All members of the Davis Cup squad were recognised: Chrysochos, Menelaos Efstathiou, Sergis Kyratzis, Eleftherios Neos and coach, Dimitris Herodotou.

Furthermore, the CTF gave Stavros Ioannou the CTF Excellence Award for his long-term and valuable contribution to the CTF where he served as a member and secretary of the Board and as a representative of the Famagusta Tennis Club between 1990 and 2020.

The ’97 Davis Cup team also received an honorific award in view of the 25th anniversary since their successful ascension from group 4 to group 3 of the Davis Cup EuroAfrican zone. Team members include Marinos Baghdatis, Demetris Leondis, Neoklis Neokleous and the team’s captain Yiannos Chatzigeorgiou.

The federation’s board also decided to honour the clubs who by their own initiatives hosted major events in 2021. This includes Herodotous Tennis Club for organising games within the Davis World Cup and the N-Team Academy for organising the European Championship ‘Nations Challenge’ in Limassol.

Coach of the year award was handed to Demetris Herodotou who coached Chrysochos among others.

Attending the ceremony were undersecretary to the president Kyriakos Koushios and the leadership of the Cypriot Sports Organisation.