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Class overcrowding and hazardous school buildings focus of lawmakers 

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The brand new Palodia primary school has been deemed unsafe for pupils, while class overcrowding was flagged at Parekklisia primary by lawmakers from the House education committee during a visit on Friday.

Committee president, Pavlos Mylonas and MP Andreas Kafkalias met with the schools’ leadership and parents’ associations, to list their concerns about the problems faced by each school.

Mylonas stated that despite the fact that Palodia primary school, which is impressive on first glance having been completed only about two years ago, is actually facing safety issues.

He said that there are gaping holes all over the school playground, the stairs are deemed hazardous, the playing field cannot be used because of protruding sewage pipes and the indoor sports hall floor is sloping instead of being flat.

Mylonas added that there no pedestrian pavements around the school premises or basic installations to help children with mobility issues.

“All this shows another picture to what we initially see on first entering the school,” Mylonas said, adding that it looks like “they were simply in a hurry to hand it over”.

Meanwhile in Parekklisia, the House education committee noted that the main problem at the local primary school was the issue of overcrowding.

Mylonas said that members of the parents’ association are desperate, albeit, for prefabricated classrooms, and also highlighted the classic problems of a lack of suitable sports facilities among various other issues.

Mylonas stressed that solutions must be found immediately, especially for issues related to the safety of children, adding that the competent technical services will be called “because we must listen to the other side,” he said.

The issue of changing school hours was also brought up, with the lawmaker was adamant that state school hours must change, despite any negative reactions.

“The only ones who react are the teachers and to be specific, the teaching leadership. All the others are positive, and Oev and the Keve and the ministry, all,” said Mylonas.

Highlighting comments made by the transport minister before the committee for the study of traffic alleviation and the implementation of a bus service pilot project from September to transport students to and from home and school, Mylonas said that “things are moving forward to provide solutions that will help make school education more productive.”


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