Police said on Sunday that there had been a total of 6,452 out-of-court fines for various traffic offences over the past week.

The bookings for traffic violations were carried out between 6 pm on Sunday May 15 and will end at 6pm today.

“The majority of the complaints concerned offences, which have been proven to be the main causes of serious and deadly traffic accidents,” police said in a statement.

Of the total bookings, 4,486 were made for speeding and 199 for using mobile phones while driving.

Also worth mentioning, police said, was the number of offences related to ignoring traffic signals with 636 complaints, as well as fines for riding motorcycles without a licence, which numbered 248.

In addition, bookings concerning non-use of seat belts, illegal parking, and parking in disabled spaces amounted to 315.

There were also another 69 bookings for drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs.

Police pointed out that in 2018 , there were 17 fatal road accidents out of a total of 44 that were due to driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, with 19 people dead.

In 2019 there were 12 fatal road accidents out of a total of 52 , that involved drink and drugs.

In 2020 there were 11 fatal road accidents down to drink and drugs out of a total of 48 fatalities. There were also 11 people dead on the roads because of drugs and alcohol from a total of 44 in 2021, police said.