Three people – two men and one woman – were arrested in Limassol early on Monday morning after police were able to stop their vehicle after a car chase.

Police said that at around 1.20 am, police officers spotted a vehicle that had been reported stolen on Grivas Dighenis avenue.

They signaled to the driver to stop, but he sped off, driving dangerously and recklessly, committing traffic offences such as jumping red lights in his attempt to get away.

Police pursued the vehicle, managing to bring it to a stop on the junction of October 28 and Iacovos Tombazis.

There were three people in the vehicle, two men aged 26 and 24 and a woman aged 22.

During a search of the car police found burglary tools and keys to another car that was found parked in an open area in Limassol and for which the three could not give adequate explanation.

They were arrested as Limassol police investigate.