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Way more than just a website!

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The digital transformation of businesses is much more than a website, an e-shop or a mobile app. First and foremost, it involves changing our mindset and rethinking from scratch how we can be useful to clients, how to attract them, what we need to do to meet their needs, what customer experience we offer. That’s where digital technology comes in.

It’s clear that for businesses, big and small, digital transformation goes beyond traditional operations like sales, marketing and customer service. Through the use of digital tech, business processes must be radically redesigned. To do that properly, professionally and efficiently in today’s Cyprus, the next question we need to answer is this: what’s the ideal partner for your digital transformation?

The criteria for the ideal business solutions partner

First, the ideal partner for digital business solutions should have the optimal size. If too small, the partner won’t have the resources or technical know-how to cope. Conversely, too big, and the partner won’t be able to give you the attention you need.

It’s also important that your partner draws from experience from relevant operations so that he has a grasp of any problems that arise. The partner should be able to be direct and flexible. And rather than have a one-size-fits-all solution, he should apply tailor-made solutions. And, it goes without saying, he should be able to provide after-sales service, given that most problems come up later.

PrimeTel: always on the ball, no delays or red tape

We have a verdict -hundreds of medium-sized and large businesses, as well as a host of state agencies, have picked Primetel as their partner. An independent telecoms company, Primetel has established itself as the leader in business digital solutions. What really makes the company stand out are not only its extremely competitive terms – rather, it is the company’s unrivalled Business to Business performance.

When it comes to know-how and experience, Primetel leads the way in the field of Business ICT solutions – able to deliver turnkey solutions for every telecom and tech project, no matter how complex. From design, to research, implementation, through to after-sales services.

When it comes to being flexible, the company’s strategy of long-standing personal commitment gives it the edge. That’s because Primetel deliberately chooses not to operate as a clunky behemoth. Instead, the company undertakes the management, upkeep and resolution of problems with a flexible model of specialised support teams tailored to each client and each problem. Its support teams comprise consultants, engineers and technicians.

Primetel goes to great lengths to familiarise itself with its corporate clients. It knows the systems and their requirements, which allows it to offer tailor-made solutions, as well as security and confidence.

Unrivalled in connectivity solutions

Connectivity solutions are the company’s competitive advantage. This is confirmed by the particularly low rates, attractive offers (two free phone lines), the high margin for upgrades, consistently high speeds, and quality control.

At the same time, Primetel maintains its lead on the Cloud and in voice technology. It is one of the very first companies certified for a Data Centre, while contributing decisively to the establishment of voice in Cyprus. Primetel is the provider with the unique competitive advantage of having independent access to the global network, with self-owned subsea systems ensuring greater bandwidth, high-performance connectivity and stability.

Primetel is the ideal partner for the modern-day business that wants to take the lead in the digital world. Before going ahead with your investment, get in touch with them – they’ll tell you all about their solutions. So what do you have to lose – on the contrary, they’ll probably impress you with their quality, fast response time and competitive rates.


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