Voroklini community leader Neophytos Fakontis on Monday criticised the executive for issuing license for the building of holiday homes too close to the beach front, thus making access for people difficult.

According to legislation, Fakontis said, it was imperative for a house to be built at a certain distance from the beach, known as the Beach Protection Zone, but this was not the case.

“Some years ago, permits were issued and, unfortunately, houses were built almost next to the pedestrian path and close to the beach,” said Fakontis. “I believe that each government should have adhered to certain specifications and regulations that existed, because a citizen has the right to have free access to the beach,” he added.

He also stated that “we are working with the town planning department so that when permission is given for the construction of a property on the beach, a corridor is left for the public to have access to the beach.”

As regards house-owners who had extended their gardens towards the beach, the Voroklini community leader, said the problem would be solved by the construction of the next phase of the beachfront pedestrian path. However the consent of the owner would be needed.

While there were house owners with title deeds for plots all the way to the sea, there was still the Beach Protection Zone, preventing the owner from building anything there, said Fakontis. But the onwer’s consent would still be required by the Community Council before it undertakes work on the pedestrian path or other projects.

Meanwhile, work on the construction of seven breakwaters in the sea between Larnaca and Voroklini, which is expected to cost around €4 million, was on schedule said Fakontis.

After the construction of three breakwaters east of the LeBay hotel, in September 2021, the construction of seven more began near Voroklini, with the aim of protecting the beach from erosion and creating a beach space, he said.

Fakontis also said the Department of Public Works and the Community Council of Voroklini were soon to sign an agreement with the construction company, for the start of work on the third phase of the Larnaca – Dhekelia road.