President Anastasiades was handed a total of €36,300 from representatives from Cyta’s trade union EPOE EOSEK and from the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinating Council at the presidential palace on Monday

President of the Volunteerism Council, Elias Demetriou handed over €16.300 raised for the fire victims of Larnaca and Limassol.

On behalf of the Cyta trade union, Antonis Chrysostomou handed €20,000, declaring that Cyta employees were always active when it came to fundraisers, tree planting and other activities to help society.

“The volunteerism movement is always present during difficult times, in Cyprus,” Demetriou said. He also praised their collaboration with the Citizens Commissioner Panayiotis Sentonas especially regarding work undertaken for assistance to Ukraine.

President Anastasiades thanked and praised the council for its exemplary work and added that the funds would be deposited in the Republic’s treasury and be made available for the needs of the fire victims.

“The volunteer movement in Cyprus has developed to an exemplary degree, through its humanitarian contribution, activated during times of need, not only to Cypriots but to any other country that has suffered a catastrophe,” President Anastasiades said

Chrysostomou, also thanked the president for not moving forward with changes to Cyta’s ownership structure and with the abolition of the provision regarding staff redundancies.

“Inspired by the spirit of volunteerism you prove today that you are not only interested in union matters but also in social and other problems as well,” Anastasiades said.

“Your diverse and multifaceted actions prove that healthy trade unionism is what leads to success,” Anastasiades added.