Health Minister Michalis Hatjipantela has given his go-ahead for the promotion of natural childbirth in Cyprus through joint actions that will be developed with the midwives committee, it was announced on Monday.

The issue was among items on the table during a meeting last week between the minister and the nurses and midwives association (Pasynm) on Thursday.

The meeting was characterised by Pasymn as “constructive” and was held to discuss ways to strengthen the profession and practice of nursing and midwifery in the health care system.

Among topics discussed, were improving and speeding up training, attracting young people into the profession, appropriate and safe staffing of health services, and the expansion and creation of services for the promotion of natural childbirth.

Pasynm said during the meeting it had brought challenges faced by nursing and midwifery professionals to the minister’s attention, including those revealed in reports on the state of the profession by WHO, the International Council of Nurses, and other organisations, and ways to implement their recommendations in Cyprus were discussed.

According to the announcement, the Minister of Health adopted the recommendation of Pasynm for the preparation of a strategic plan for the development of Nursing and Midwifery, through which the needs and currently unmet potentials of the profession in the broader public health context will be examined.