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Chiliz (CHZ) needs to level up its game as becomes strong by over 660% during pre-sale

Key Points:
  • Tokens with real-world use cases are being preferred by investors more.
  • The price of Chiliz’s fan token CHZ has dropped significantly in recent months.
  • Utility token Chronoly’s CRNO has grown by over 660% during pre-sale.
Is it the time of real-world utility tokens?

Real-world utility tokens have become a hot topic in the cryptocurrency market, and there are valid reasons for the same. The real-world utility tokens have proved their mettle during the current market downfall, which many have termed the harshest to date.

For instance, two such real-world utility tokens that have come to the forefront lately are Chiliz (CHZ) and Chronoly (CRNO). However, the performance of both these cryptos has been different due to their use cases, business roadmap, and working processes. While Chiliz (CHZ) holders have been going through a roller-coaster ride for the last few months, investors in Choronoly’s CRNO token have been on a dream run with exceptional growth.

Chiliz (CHZ) has witnessed a massive slump in its value this year, with its current price being around 88% below the all-time high of $0.878. The market cap of Chiliz has also gone down in sync with the negative market sentiments.

On the other hand,, a new entrant in the crypto arena, has amazed investors and experts alike with its unique real-world usability and exceptional success during the pre-sale phase. Chronoly’s CRNO token is cruising fast, registering a growth of 660% since its launch.

Chiliz (CHZ) v/s – Which utility token is better?

The answer to this question lies with a simple fact: Chiliz (CHZ) is currently trying to survive the fall, while is leading the bulls of the market. Let’s see in detail why has fared much better than Chiliz (CHZ), although both are utility tokens.

CHZ serves as a platform token of the blockchain-based Chiliz network. CHZ is used to purchase Fan Tokens on It allows sports fans to have a real-world engagement with their favorite teams. Using CHZ token, holders can also participate in their favorite teams’ decision-making processes on matters such as uniform designs, stadium names, and celebration songs, among others.

However, like most cryptos available in the market, Chiliz (CHZ) has also dropped severely in recent months. Although Chiliz has some real-world utility, its value can still be largely influenced by market sentiments and speculations because CHZ is not backed by any physical asset. Hence, when the crypto market crashed in the first half of the year, Chiliz (CHZ) nosedived in the same proportion.

Meanwhile, has surprised experts and analysts in the crypto field with its outstanding success during the pre-sale phase. The huge success, acceptance, and demand of Chronoly’s CRNO can be accredited to the project’s unique use cases and working principles. is a new player in the crypto arena that mints NFTs of rare luxury watches. It is the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace where people can make fractional investments in luxury watches of multinational brands. platform first buys the physical version of rare and exclusive watches and then mints NFTs against them. Each NFT minted by Chronoly is backed by the physical versions of the rare luxury watches. This ensures the stability, security, and growth of CRNO, thereby allowing investors across the globe to put their immense trust in

The project allows people to buy and sell shares in rare luxury watches for as little as $10. also allows its users to stake their CRNO token for an annual yield.

In a nutshell

Both Chiliz and Chronoly are real-world utility tokens. But, while Chiliz is trying to overcome the bearish phase, has come up with a unique real-world use case and one of the most stable market strategies that have benefitted the project in an exceptional way. The project is already up by 660%, and experts have predicted that CRNO can rise by 2,500% very soon.

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