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Cyprus’ immortal village

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The tradition of the island can be found in plentiful supply in the village of Pomos, which goes from ultimate calm to live music venue over the summer finds PAUL LAMBIS

Cyprus is renowned for its picturesque villages and towns, and there is something particularly magical about those that are near the coast.

Pomos has been the object of admiration for visitors for decades. Frozen in time, it is the ideal local getaway, offering traditional architecture, immaculate beaches, and authentic Cypriot food in addition to dragon’s caves, intriguing prehistoric sculptures, and sacred temples nestled away in the forest.

Some 20 kilometres from Polis Chrysochous, old wooden boats feature every now in its water to remind visitors that the village serves as a piscatorial shelter, and entertaining the fishing boats at its quaint yet well organised port it is the welcome sign depicting the Idol of Pomos that attests to the region’s relevance to Cyprus’ vast historical past.

The sculpture, which dates to the Chalcolithic period and depicts a woman with outstretched arms, is thought by historians to have been used as a fertility symbol. “The idol of Pomos is a well-known and revered object in Cypriot culture and is even featured on some of our coins,” head of the Paphos regional board of tourism, Nasos Hadjigeorgiou told Living. “The Pomos idol is currently on display in the Cyprus Archeological Museum.”

As one makes their way further into the village, it is difficult to ignore the dramatic coastlines formed by vertical sea cliffs. Standing atop these natural masterpieces, all that can be seen is the Mediterranean’s vastness as huge waves crash against the rocks below.

travel2 dragon's caveA pebbled path, with natural spring water running alongside it, leads to a legendary cave that was once thought to be the residence of a dragon who protected the region from pirates and bandits. However, according to another version of the legend, the dragon may have lived in the cave and kept the sweet water there as a valuable resource.

“Visitors can navigate the nearby forest, which is characterised by pine trees and wild thyme, whether they are seeking adventure, are nature lovers, or are on a spiritual journey,” said Hadjigeorgiou. “Numerous hiking routes, picnic areas, sacred temples, and ancient monasteries are surrounded by verdant forest, with the occasional Cyprus mouflon scurrying around.”

Founded in 1520, the monastery of the Virgin Mary Chrysopateritissa is located on the banks of the Pomos reservoir and is a testament to Cyprus’ religious heritage. Built entirely out of stone, the church underwent extensive reservations in the past, which helped to preserve its icons and murals.

For those wishing to familiarise themselves with the natural wealth of the area, the Pomos Museum of Natural History offers an insight into the local flora, fauna, and landscape, featuring a varied collection of minerals and fossils, and a large exhibition of stuffed animals and migratory birds.

Pomos offers the type of warm-hearted genial hospitality that typifies the heart and soul of Cyprus, summed up in the single word, ‘Kopiaste,’ meaning welcome. Freshly caught fish is a staple on the menu at the many seafood taverns that overlook the sea at the heart of the village, however, authentic aromas entice guests to embark on a meze experience of infinite plates being brought to the table.

“The recently upgraded beach at Pomos is the ideal location for people wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of city life,” Hadjigeorgiou added. “Made up of a distinctive combination of colourful stones and sand, it is one of the most serene and attractive locations on the island, one of unequalled beauty.”

travel3 the paradise jazz festival (3)Despite its remote location, Pomos transforms into a vibrant hub when it hosts a jazz festival every August, attracting music aficionados and jazz entertainers. The two-day festival offers inspiring performances by local and international musicians, transporting festivalgoers on a global musical and cultural journey.

Pomos is arguably the most well-known location in Cyprus to watch a beautiful sunset, making it the ideal setting for those with romantic aspirations who want to propose or simply lose themselves in the moment. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean, the world grinds to a halt, allowing one to contemplate and meditate. However, as the adage goes, with every sunset comes the promise of a new dawn, and this unique corner of Cyprus will once again reawaken to welcome its visitors on another exploration of the area and impart its age-old secrets of immortality to those who want to listen.






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