I am here. Can you hear me? is the name of an immersive installation by ONsite project created as part of theYard.Residency.22, which will soon take place in Limassol. On August 5-8 the installation will be live at the Vinegar Factory presenting the collaborative work of Ioanna Papamichalopoulou, Aristi Pavlou and Anni Shiakalli.

“The project deals with the notion of lost dreams, stuff which was lost, moments and memories within the city of Limassol people think are forgotten,” says the ONsite project team.

“However, nothing is forgotten, nothing really goes away. Everything leaves a trace, unnoticed, but there. It remains hidden somewhere within, waiting to resurface, waiting to be heard. An installation is a place which performs by itself. The spectators can wander in it freely, but simultaneously they will be guided as if they are listening to a story. But this time, the spectators do not just watch the story unfold, they experience it. So, let us guide you to a place of forgotten dreams, a place that speaks for itself, a place which screams; ‘I am here, can you hear me?’”

I am Here, Can you Hear Me?

Installation by ONsite project, part of theYard.Residency.22. August 5-8. Vinegar Factory, Limassol. 6pm-9pm. €6. Tel: 99-106321