Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas and his Lithuanian counterpart Arūnas Dulkys on Wednesday examined ways for their two countries to strengthen their public health services by sharing expertise and know-how.

In the coming period, Hadjipantelas said the two ministries will continue the discussion on the drafting of a memorandum of cooperation.

At the same time, the pair also evaluated the data recorded at European level regarding the coronavirus pandemic and monkeypox, while the way of managing future health emergencies was also discussed.

“I thank once again my friend the Minister of Health for his support to our country at a European level and I look forward to our excellent cooperation, as well as to the further strengthening of the relations between the two countries,” Hadjipantelas said.

Responding to a question regarding the arrival of smallpox vaccines in Cyprus, he told reporters that priority is given to countries that have several cases. “It is a reasonable approach by the European Commission, but we are in close communication with the institutions of the Commission, and if they need to come to our country they will come immediately,” he noted.

For his part, Dulkys expressed his common wish for cooperation between the two countries for the sake of patients and medical staff.

By the end of the year, Dulkys concluded, he hopes that Cyprus and Lithuania will reach a cooperation agreement in all areas of public health.

“It is our duty to create health systems”, Dulkys said, which are prepared to face future crises and problems. “Our goal is to prioritise the people and the medical staff,” he said.