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Christiane Dania explores the world for luxury materials

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In her book, The Architecture of Luxury the author Annette Condello states that luxury has become more accessible over time and that it is no longer exclusive to the American and European upper class. She claims that luxury, “has become more ubiquitous and now, practically everyone can experience luxury, even luxury in architecture”. Condello also makes the argument that the ethics of luxury have influenced the nature of the luxurious architecture which has been constructed. Additionally, these ethical constraints on luxury have differed depending on the time period and location of the construction. 

The increasing globalization which the world has experienced in the last three decades alone has increased the accessibility of luxury to ordinary people. This is true of a number of different sectors and applies to the architectural and design industries as well. People are now able to access luxurious materials from all corners of the globe with far fewer restraints than there were before. The modern accessibility of luxury is in part due to the increasing advances in technology in virtually every industry. 

Christiane Dania and ArchiCover

Christiane Dania along with her husband Michael Dania have created a showroom called ArchiCover which presents high-quality materials and surfaces in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Christiane Dania carefully curates the ArchiCover Showroom to best represent the materials and surfaces which the company offers. This allows architects and clients to have the best idea of the materials and surfaces which they will be working with and using. It also provides the opportunity to draw inspiration from the combination of materials that have been used in the showroom. This allows their clients to create unique and powerful designs within their luxury homes and offices. 

ArchiCover is manufacturer independent which allows the showroom to offer materials and surfaces from a variety of different producers. This provides a diverse range of options from material and surface manufacturers all over the world. Additionally, each surface and material is presented in a number of different and compelling colors to generate inspiration and expand upon the utility of the product. The material library covers an enormous range of different material types which includes wood, tiles and everything in between. 

Christiane Dania travels the world to find the best materials for her customers. This often requires many hours of hard work. Christiane Dania and her husband Michael Dania have traveled to many design fairs both within Austria and around the world. This means that she often discovers new gems which she can then present to her clients using her showroom. The curated nature of the showroom allows each material to be represented boldly alongside a collection of other luxury materials and surfaces. 

The collection of materials and surfaces at ArchiCover is arranged by type and boasts an impressive collection of over 5000 samples for in-person inspection. This variety of physical samples is supported by a digital material library as well which further increases the range of high-quality materials and surfaces on display. The ArchiCover showroom also allows its users to create a sample set of materials and surfaces for their next project. Additionally, the showroom presents samples for lighting fixtures, furniture and plumbing fixtures to create a fuller picture of a design for a space. 

The ArchiCover showroom is supported by a workshop that can create custom items to the tastes of customers. This can include the materials or surfaces that the showroom features allowing for a high degree of creativity and individuality to be present in a design or project. As many consumers are looking to differentiate themselves through their taste, the showroom provides an opportunity to explore the possibilities of interior design and architecture. 

Final thoughts

The accessibility of luxury has increased in recent years thanks to the increasingly open nature of international trade and significant technological advances across a number of industries. Christiane Dania as well as her husband Michael Dania have contributed toward this increasing level of accessibility through their travels and their careful curation of luxury materials and surfaces. The ArchiCover showroom is a reflection of their dedication to their craft and presents luxury materials and surfaces in an inviting and aesthetically pleasing manner. As such, architects, builders, interior designers and clients can visit the Showroom which is over 1000 m2.

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