Residents from 12 Nicosia communities were set to meet on Friday evening to decide on “dynamic measures” to prevent the relocation of an asphalt plant to Mitsero, a day after the company visited the site expected to host the factory.

According to Mitsero community leader Andreas Kyriacou, residents spotted representatives from the company expected to relocate one of their three asphalt plants to the area on Thursday morning.

They were carrying out works to decide on the positioning of the factory, Kyriacou said.

After the move, the residents’ initiative group announced a meeting for 8pm on Friday where there will be an update on the latest developments and the court procedures.

Kyriacou said they have appealed to the court to revoke the factory’s planning permission and to postpone any works pending the judge’s verdict.

“Instead, the company applied and received a building permit,” the community leader said.

The area is the “most polluted in Cyprus” with over 100 nuisance activities that lead to “dire consequences on the health and quality of life of residents,” a written statement by the initiative group said.

“We will not tolerate this unfair and dangerous treatment by the state,” the statement added. It was signed by the 12 communities of Ayia Marina, Ayios Epiphanios, Ayios Ioannis, Agrokipia, Arediou, Kalo Chorio Orini, Kato Moni, Klirou, Malounta, Menoiko, Mitsero and Orounda.

The relocation of the plant was decided following a relevant cabinet decision in 2020 to move three asphalt plants from the Tseri and Yeri area. These are expected to be relocated in Mitsero, Kalavasos and Koshi area, whose residents have protested the decision.

Meanwhile, people living in Dali, who had been affected by the factories, also held a series of demonstrations on the issue and had demanded an end to their operation. In February, the Supreme Court issued decrees prohibiting the operation of the asphalt factories in the areas of Yeri and Tseri, pending their relocation.