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“Culturescope” New Season Premiere

culturescope cyprus mail 2022

Popular lifestyle and entertainment web show CULTURESCOPE has defied the odds to be powering through its third season.

Watch the Season 3 Trailer on YouTube:

Upbeat, engaging and on a mission to showcase the best of Cypriot, Cyprus-based or diaspora talent, each CULTURESCOPE episode immerses viewers in the broad – and ever-growing – network of the island’s movers and shakers, whether their ties to Aphrodite’s Island come through their roots, their birth, or as their home of choice.

Created as part of an exclusive partnership with leading English-language daily, Cyprus Mail, and sponsored by Ocean Basket Cyprus, CULTURESCOPE is part of a new era of digital-first entertainment that seeks to engage, delight, and grow a global audience with ties to the island. As such, the show capitalises not just on the allure of small-screen content so beloved of the Millennials and Gen Z but harnesses the online potential to build and grow communities well beyond a viewing experience.

Crafted in a segment-by-segment interview format, Paul Lambis draws on his professional network to showcase leaders, pioneers and influencers in fields ranging from acting and filmmaking, publishing and fashion, music, and entrepreneurship, in addition to radio, TV, journalism and athletics. He also shines a spotlight on lesser-known and beautiful areas of the island, ranging from tucked-away villages to artisanal communities producing and preserving traditional crafts.

Ultimately, powered by a modern website and active social media presence, as well as the efforts of its professional production team, CULTURESCOPE has everything in place to chase a truly exciting and 21st-century vision: the re-brand of a little island, packed with outsize talent, extraordinary beauty, and the potential to captivate a viewership well beyond its shores.

The third season premiere of Culturescope will be aired on Monday, 5 September 2022 on Cyprus Mail’s YouTube Channel, as well as NGTV in the USA and Canada, HELLENIC TV in the United Kingdom, and other social media sites.

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