Disgruntled Turkish Cypriot halloumi producers expressed concerns about being left out of talks regarding the export of halloumi as a PDO product.

According to Turkish Cypriot media outlet Kibris Postasi the Turkish Cypriot ‘Chamber of Industry’ expressed Turkish Cypriot halloumi producers’ annoyance because “the Greek Cypriot side decides for itself on this issue”.

In a written statement, the ‘Chamber of Industry’ said halloumi producers met with the chamber’s president, Ali Kamacioglu to evaluate the “unilateral” decisions taken by Cyprus’ agriculture ministry, dairy farmers and halloumi producers on the issue of patenting.

During the meeting, they complained that the changes that will be made regarding the registration of halloumi were made without consultation with Turkish Cypriot producers and officials.

After the meeting, the producers stressed that halloumi is a common geographical product and that any steps or initiatives on this issue should be taken jointly.

“We have equal rights with the Greek Cypriot side in halloumi. We cannot allow them to usurp this right of ours,” Turkish Cypriot halloumi producers said.

Meanwhile, in statements to Bayrak, Kamacioglu argued that the Turkish Cypriot side is not informed about the developments on the halloumi issue through the legal advisor who is monitoring the issue in Brussels.

He said the Turkish Cypriot side is preparing to protest this development with a letter addressed to the EU.