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Today’s Weather: Slightly cooler, highest temperatures at 37C

troodos black pines
Troodos mountains

On Monday the weather will be mainly clear in most areas, however, on the western coast, initially on the northern coast and in the afternoon in the mountains and the interior, temporarily increased cloud cover will be observed. The winds will blow south-westerly to north-westerly, initially variable, weak, 3 Beaufort becoming weak to moderate around midday, 3 to 4 Beaufort and strong on the southern coast in the afternoon, up to 5 Beaufort.

The sea will initially be calm to slightly turbulent, becoming generally a little rough in the afternoon. Temperatures will rise to 37C in the interior, 33C in the south-east and on the eastern coasts, 34C on the northern coasts, 31C on the remaining coasts and 27C in the higher mountains.

On Monday night the weather will be mostly clear, but there will be occasional clouds, mainly in the west. Winds will blow south-westerly to north-westerly and later on the west coast north-easterly and on the north coast south-easterly weak, 3 Beaufort. The sea will be calm to a little rough. Temperatures will drop to 22C degrees in the interior,  24C in the south-east and east coasts, 23C on the remaining coasts and 16C in the higher mountains.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather will be mostly clear, with some increased cloud cover, which may lead to isolated showers in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains and the interior. On Thursday, the weather will be mostly clear, with temporarily increased clouds in the afternoon.

The temperature is not expected to change appreciably,  remaining close to the average for the season.

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